Congratulations to the New Committee!

Congratulations to the new President, Mark Chrisfield, and thank you to outgoing President and new Vice President Nick Potter.

Congratulations and sincere thanks to continuing Secretary, Sue Chrisfield

Congratulations to Handle Vassallo our new (returning) Treasurer, and thanks to Craig Harris for his work as Treasurer.

Martin Brown continues to be in charge of Club Plates & Membership – thanks Martin

Sonia Harrison continues to look after Regalia, ably assisted by Granny.

Wendy and Trevor continue as Webmasters and Facebook Gatekeepers.

Club Captain is Ched.

Oops, wrong date!

Sorry about the incorrect date for the April meeting.  It’s Tues 10th April, not 9th as was on the event.  Apologies – completely the webmaster’s fault!

Comments turned off

No-one was using comments on here other than spammers, scammers and other miscellaneous internet miscreants.  So commenting on posts is now turned off.

If you want to get in touch with us, go to the Contact Us page where you’ll find many and varied ways of talking to us.


Held on Saturday 12th August 2017 at “The Factory” starting at 4:30pm

Election of new Committee:
President:                Nick Potter
Vice President:        Mark Chrisfield
Secretary:                Sue Chrisfield
Treasurer:                Craig Harris
Membership & Red Plates:  Martin Brown
Regalia:                   Sonya Harrison
Club Captain:          (interim – Nick Potter)
Rally/Events:           Sue & Mark Chrisfield
Webmasters & Facebook:  Wendy Mayer, David Bannister, Trevor Harding

A crucial decision was passed to not renew the lease on “The Factory” due to poor patronage & associated cost. Therefore we will need to vacate the premises early November 2017.

The new Committee will be looking at alternative arrangements/options for ongoing Club Meetings; Functions; etc. & will advise the outcome in due course.

Past raffle winners

Below are the winners of past raffles:

2016 AGM Raffle – Super66 numbers 556736
1st Prize ticket 556 – Handle
2nd Prize ticket 736 – Lainie

Xmas Raffle – choice of Westfield, Coles Myer or Flight Centre voucher
1st prize – $1500.00 (First 3 no’s Super 66)
2nd prize – $500.00 (Last 3 no’s Super 66)
(VCGLR No 59462)
Drawn 19th December 2015 at Xmas Party.

$2000 Flight Centre Travel Voucher
(VCGLR No 59462)
Winner – Michael (Mick) Smith – drawn at the AGM Saturday 1st August 2015
based on the last 3 numbers of Super 66 draw.

Triumph 1998 TT Legend Limited Edition 900 Triple
Raffle was drawn at the Nulli-Secundus Rally Saturday 7th February, 2015.
Winning Details
66 Draw No. 3501 last 3 numbers: 130
Winner:   Dean Smith
Ticket Seller:   Ant

Bike winner 1

Bike winner 2