Red Plates

Red Plates (Club Permit Scheme)

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NOTE: Changes to the Club Permit Scheme – January 2015
Changes to the club permit scheme commencing 31 January 2015

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Club Permit Application
Club Permit VESD

Proposed Club ByLaws for putting motorcycles on the Club Permit Scheme (CPS)through The Triumph Owners Motor Cycle Club of Victoria Inc. (the Club)

Club Purpose:
The promotion, encouragement and development of an interest in Triumph Motorcycles, their preservation and usage.
Eligible Motorcycle: A motorcycle over 25 years old complying with VicRoads document Vehicle Standards Information 4 (VSI 4) – Summary of Registration Requirements for Motorcycles and Mopeds (prior to 1988) available on (search VSI 4).
Member: For the purpose of the CPS, member means a financial member of the Triumph Owners Motor Cycle Club of Victoria Inc. according to the Club Rules.
Triumph: An eligible motorcycle, over 25 years old, produced by Triumph or constructed using a significant proportion of Triumph parts, i.e. frame and running gear or engine and gear box.

  1. Any member with an eligible Triumph is entitled to put that motorcycle on the Club Permit Scheme (CPS).
  2. A member, who has a Triumph on the CPS through the Club, can apply to have an eligible motorcycle of a make other than a Triumph put on the CPS.
  3. A new member must wait twelve months before they can apply to put an eligible motorcycle, which is not a Triumph, onto the CPS through the Club. However, if they demonstrate a strong commitment to the Club Purpose they can apply to the committee for a waiver of the waiting period.
  4. A Roadworthy Certificate (RWC) will need to be provided with the permit application form for all eligible motorcycles post 1980 and eligible motorcycles modified outside VS I 4. The Club can scrutineer all pre 1981 eligible motorcycles in lieu of a RWC. Note: Correct at time of publication. Subject to changes in the CPS regulations.
  5. At the committee’s discretion, other CPS eligible vehicles can be approved for the CPS through the Club. The applicant will be a member of long standing with a long history of club participation. A RWC will be required with the application.
  6. A member with a Triumph on the CPS through another club can transfer the permit to the Triumph Owners Motor Cycle Club of Victoria Inc., conditional on the Club’s CPS officer approving said Triumph is safe for use on the highway.

Below are documents related to Club “Red” Plate eligibility and Standards (effective as at 7th July 2014):