The TOMCC membership age group ranges from below 30 up to over 60.

Membership is comprised of both men and women motorcycle enthusiasts who have a range of old and new model Triumphs.

Joining fee is $25.00 paid once, with an ongoing annual fee of $50, with pro rata of $12.50 for each quarter or part thereof, until the end of the financial year, (e.g. $25 + $25  if 6 months until June 30. Joining after the end of March requires 12 month payment plus the 1 quarterly payment).

Associate membership is open to all Triumph and non-Triumph owners.

Full Membership requires you to attend at least 1 event/meeting and produce proof of owning a Triumph to become a full member.

We meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month and all prospective members are welcome to come along to meetings or other events.

Look at Events pages for location details.

If you are requiring “Red Plates” for your Triumph, you must become a full member. It is necessary to attend some events throughout the year to retain the Red Plates.

Click here for the Membership Application Form

TOMCC is an Incorporated Association, and operates under a set of Rules, which is available by clicking here.